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There are bright sides to COVID-19. One benefit is that it allows more time for self-improvement. The load it places upon our backs is like a stone to hone our grit. As it grinds us to the core of our nature, it also forces us to rethink how we get things done.

While the economic shutdown renders us less productive, it ironically creates an opportunity for enhanced efficiency. We can now better understand the value of our time. Without the blood-sucking commutes, traffic jams and rush hours, there is less to distract us from what matters most.

One of the things that truly matters—and is entwined with everything else in our life—is our health. To help you focus on the matter, I will always enjoy the presence and face-to-face interaction that acupuncture requires. But what the recent social distancing and sheltering has helped me realize is that there are tolerances in a health plan for continuity of treatment without extra time spent in the clinic.

In that vein, I am now offering telehealth services. This will not only help you comply with current social distancing and sheltering requirements, but may also offer better logistics and more time to focus on the other things that matter once the pandemic ends.

The time saved by telehealth is ideal for:

    • Acupuncture consults
    • Wellness consults
    • Integrative health plan reviews
    • Chinese herbal prescriptions

Sessions may last up to 30 minutes. The cost per session is $45. Appointments are necessary.

After scheduling an appointment, please visit my telehealth waiting room.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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