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A couple thinking of San Diego acupuncture.

Thinking about acupuncture.

Acupuncture and Healthcare in San Diego

Carl M Balingit has been serving San Diego since 2006. At Balingit Acupuncture, you can restore a holistic life full of vigor, mental clarity, and well-being. These benefits come from a combination of acupuncture, compassion, humor, and some fun talks along the way.

Let’s look beyond your symptoms.

    • Schedule an office visit at (619) 994-2119.

Start learning about acupuncture here. Or gain deeper insights from my blog, like how acupuncture affects nerve synapses and electrifies cell function.

Acupuncture Will Enrich Your Health

It’s not painful. It treats these conditions and more:

    • pain
    • stress
    • infertility
    • headaches
    • digestive disorders
    • chronic diseases

It not only treats disease but also maintains health and well-being by proactively supporting normal body functions.

San Diego Health and Culture

San Diego offers a temperate climate and rich ecosystem of waterfronts, mountains and desert to inspire healthy outdoor living year-round. This attracts a diverse culture of healthcare providers to help everyone here maintain their active lifestyle.

There are many choices within this healthcare culture. Even within a specialty like acupuncture, choices abound. The acupuncture benefits shared throughout this site assume that you follow due diligence in choosing your practitioner.

Take your time to browse this site to address any questions or concerns about acupuncture. Be sure to check out the blog section to get a feel for the richness of this medicine.

Even greater confidence comes from a personal talk with the practitioner you may be considering. So feel free to contact me (Carl) any time at (619) 994-2119.