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Deliberating COVID-19

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Much to unpackage / Covid truth is hard to find / A novel vector


Here is a fascinating podcast interview by the Weston A. Price Foundation, featuring Dr. Tom Cowan. It’s relevant not only to the COVID-19 pandemic but also to the nature of viruses and epidemics, in general.

There is definitely a lot to unpackage and process; and I share this not as an endorsement, but rather to help keep minds open. Whatever controversy Dr. Cowan’s informed perspective may stir, it at least highlights that there are unknowns in medicine.

He sheds light on the assumptions about COVID-19, and presents the possibility that it may not be infectious after all. Whoa! Full stop.

Have a listen. You’ve got time.

Heads up: There are a lot of disclaimers that preface the interview. I think it portrays the doctor’s frustration with the contention he encounters. Afterwards, it gets very interesting; he presents his views logically, with a clear line of thought.


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