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The Power of Posture in 8 Steps

Sit straight. Stand Tall.

Sit straight. Stand Tall.

This is a visualization exercise to help you feel the effects of posture. Take your time doing it. If you’re busy, then take care of business and come back later…

Step 1

Sit at your desk and clear your head.

Step 2

Imagine everything you want to do in life piled on your desk. Include your career, family and personal goals… everything, so that you have a mountain range of aspirations before you.

Step 3

Slouch your back… cross your arms… lean on your elbows… and let your head hang low. (Don’t imagine it. Do it.)

Step 4: Keep imagining your mountains, and answer 3 questions –>

i.          How easy is it for me to decide which mountain to climb next?

ii.         How clearly can I envision my ascent?

iii.        How motivated do I feel right now?

Step 5: STOP thinking for a few seconds, then…

Step 6

Feet flat on the floor… spine erect… head up.

Place your left hand on your thigh, elbow flared out.

Extend your right arm, and place your right hand flat on your desk wherever it feels natural.

Relax your shoulders. Breathe through your nose. Smile gently.

Step 7: Repeat Step 4.

Step 8: Evaluate.


Did your posture affect your answers in Step 4/Step 7?


What difference does posture make?

Answer:         A strong posture mobilizes you.

Good posture doesn’t just align your body. It aligns you with your life goals and prepares you for action.

I’ll talk more about posture and its physical effects in my next few posts. Until then… sit straight… stand tall… climb your mountains.

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