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Look Where You’re Going (In Life)

Look around.Last week, parking barricades were installed in my clinic lot so that drivers hit them instead of the railing or retaining wall. They’re made obvious by bright yellow paint, so maybe the message is: “Don’t Hit Anything.” Today I noticed someone hit one of the four bright shining posts.

There are regulars, including delivery trucks, that park in the area. One of these drivers probably wasn’t paying attention, not expecting a barricade to simply pop up overnight. Well, it can. And just like parking barricades, the “unexpected” often pops up in life.

There is often a delayed reaction to the unexpected because of unpreparedness. It’s true that we can’t be prepared for everything. But sometimes encountering the unexpected is the difference between paying attention and not paying attention – to barricades, for example. But not just barricades.

Preventing the “unexpected” relates to everything from health, to relationships, to the economy. In terms of health, this means paying attention to any signs of dysfunction or symptoms you experience. This also means paying attention to your daily habits.

How many people start worrying about heart disease after a heart attack? Or try to manage stress after they have a nervous breakdown? Delayed reactions.

Don’t rush through life so fast that you hit a wall (or a parking barricade). That wall can be a heart attack, a chronic disease, depression, or anything else that will finally slow you down.

Take Time To Plan Your Life.

  • Plan your meals so you don’t end up eating unhealthy “convenience” foods.
  • Plan a workout routine to keep your body strong and prevent deterioration.
  • Plan regular leisure activities in order to prevent stress.
  • Plan regular sleep hours for rest and recuperation.
  • Plan time with your friends and family to nurture those relationships before they “unexpectedly” fall apart.
  • Plan a vacation to prevent burnout.

Follow The Signs.

Listen to your body, and if applicable, make necessary changes in your routine or habits. If you’re experiencing any symptoms or just don’t feel right, a health care practitioner may help guide you back to a balanced state. (For a good health practitioner, click here.)

Respect your body. Appreciate your health. Prevent the unexpected.

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  • Dan C. November 11, 2009, 4:56 pm

    Carl I just started reading your blog today 11/11. I love your positive messages. Keep inspiring!

    • Carl Balingit November 11, 2009, 6:29 pm


      Thanks for reading and posting a comment. You’re the first! I’m definitely motivated to keep writing…

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