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‘Paperwork,’ by Steve Barringer [flickr.com/64525258@N00]. License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

Before Your Acupuncture Treatment

I hate paperwork too. But I’ve kept the intake form simple. While it is already short and sweet, you can save more time by downloading and completing the clinic form prior to your appointment here:

It still requires basic info for important follow-up correspondences or emergencies, as well as lists of medications and supplements since those can be hard to quickly recall during treatment. But I’ve omitted the things that typically make the intake process tedious.

While that info is still critical, I prefer to spend our time interacting rather than you writing. So I reserve the usual personal and family medical histories for engaging interactive discussions during treatment, when such details are pertinent to your case.

Of course, the lifestyle info can also be gathered during lively discussion. But I’ve kept it on the form to help you focus on your daily habits. As diet, exercise and rest are vital components for long-term health.

You can start your introduction to acupuncture here.