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Your acupuncture testimonials let me know I’ve served you well.

Thanks For Your Testimonials

From R.P.:

“I first called Carl out of sheer desperation as pain and numbness were spreading throughout my body along with digestive issues and high glucose levels. Doctors were puzzled and continued to shake their heads when I would describe the symptoms, and after weeks of tests and lab work, I was anxiety-ridden and depressed. Carl was able to not only assist with the pain and discomfort, but to quickly diagnose what was wrong through Chinese medicine and help me to understand what WE needed to do in order for me to heal. 

I have seen him eleven times now, and will continue to see him as my health is restored and my body becomes stronger and stronger. Not only have the symptoms diminished, but after years of corporate stress my spiritual “yin” has been replenished and my life has found a renewed spiritual balance accordingly.

Not only do I feel better, but the relationships around me have become healthier as well. Carl’s dedication and belief in his practice, paired with his professionalism and excellent communication skills, makes me look forward to my treatment every week.

I highly recommend Carl and his therapy to all who seek well-being and a better way to live.”

From Alice L.:

“I was experiencing pain and swelling in my right hand due to a trigger finger. I could not even write, or wear my rings. My physician recommended steroid injections, which I refused. Since I had heard so much about the benefits of acupuncture, I asked my doctor about her opinion on this alternative treatment. She approved.

After only 1 session with Carl, I was relieved that the swelling and pain was gone. I could move my fingers and write again! My finger has not “triggered” since then.

I had been traveling from Orange County to San Diego for the sessions, and it was all worth the drive. Carl not only relieved my pain through acupuncture, but also gave advice on a healthy lifestyle — eating the right foods, exercise, etc. He also treated me for a recurring pain and numbness in my right leg. Now, it is gone.

I am thankful for the health benefits I received under Carl’s care.”

From Caitlin:

“I started going to Carl for acupuncture treatments for digestive disorders with painful stomach cramps. After seeing my Primary Care Physician, I wasn’t happy with the option of taking medications to mask the symptoms I was experiencing. The decision to get acupuncture for treating my stomach spasms has made a world of difference.

Carl’s treatments were not only very effective in alleviating the acute symptoms, but they were also effective in treating the underlying cause of my stomach issues. Along with the acupuncture, Carl gave me very valuable advice on lifestyle changes that I could make to help facilitate the effectiveness of my treatments.

Several months after my successful treatment for stomach issues, I went back to Carl for a flare-up of chronic shoulder pain. Once again, I immediately noticed a difference in my overall pain levels, and they improved significantly with each treatment. In addition, Carl gave me good stretches to perform to help with the muscle tightness.

Overall, I would highly recommend Carl for any acupuncture treatments. Not only will you receive high quality treatments, but you will receive good advice on how to maintain progress between sessions. Carl is very professional and knowledgeable, and I always left our appointments feeling more balanced.”

From C.O.:

“I have recently begun seeing Carl for my Oriental medical care. I am a mom with a young daughter, and an acupuncturist myself. After giving birth to my daughter I began experiencing tightness in my legs, hips and lower back. I also noticed more emotional and mental imbalance in myself after taking on this new role. I sought Carl out for help with these imbalances.

I am very happy with my choice in receiving care from Carl. In particular, I find him to be very thoughtful, calm, professional, and caring. I believe that these are the most essential characteristics in a healer and/or health care practitioner. I am appreciative for his time, concern, and true interest in my health and overall well-being. It was the right gift at the right time for me.”

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