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‘Reading the Paper II,’ by Daniel Lee [flickr/dlee13]. License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

Blog Headlines

Below are links to each of my blog posts, in reverse chronological order, dating back to 2009.

April 2020

Tele-wise Your Health

Deliberating COVID-19

How to Adapt to the Other Epidemic

March 2020


Not an Easy Rider: Herbs with Potential Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity

Skin Not Quite Kevlar

Coronavirus: 28 Days Plus Recommendations

February 2020

Coronavirus: Perspectives and Woad Is Me

Acupuncture (Draw)bridges the Synaptic Cleft

Acupuncture Crosses the Ion Channel

Atlas Shrugged and Clear Yang Rose

January 2020

Acupuncture is the Right-Alt to HRT

January 2018

Chinese Medicine Stroke of Genius

Chinese Medicine is a Non-Smoking Area

October 2016

Kud-zu pass me the bottle?

August 2016

Ageing Out

July 2016

Chinese Herbs and Pesticides

May 2016

The Tea Effect, Yin-Yang Therapy, and Gin’s Honorable Mention

On Zika and Salivating over Health

The Alternative to an Aphrodisiac Hangover

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc. (Sequel)

The Mind Behind Rational Thought

Detoxifying the Herbal Industry

“Eastern” Genomics

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc.

Body World of Acupuncture

Hong Kong Shift

April 2016

“R&D” Versus Research and Development of Skullcap Root

The Erectors as Epitome of Acupuncture Qi

March 2016

Reward of Travel Medicine vs. Risk of Anemia

Integrative Medicine is a Buzzword

Caveman Acupuncture, Re-Revisited

November 2015

Thanksgiving Leftovers Lead to Congee

October 2015

Sichuan Noodles Salubriously Spiced

The Cassia Tree–Material for Your Medicine Cabinet

September 2015

You Are Not a Lab Rat

August 2015

Rhino Rescue Plan

Tea–Party or Ceremony

July 2015

Ginseng Out at Sea

June 2015

Acupuncture Needles Have Evolved

February 2015

Year of the Sheep–Superstition or Insight?

January 2015

Down with Pesky Pathogens (Flu Season)

September 2014

The Spirit Herb

December 2013

Mistletoe: for Christmas, Kissing and High Blood Pressure

November 2013

How to Self-Treat Thanksgiving Bloating

October 2013

Recipe–Black Sesame Soup

September 2013

Benefit of Herbs to Invigorate Blood in Cancer Therapy

Autumn and Regional Impact on Dietary Advice

June 2013

Book Recommendation–‘Chinese medicine in early communist China, 1945-63: a medicine of revolution’

April 2013

How Old is Old? — In the Time of Acupuncture

March 2013

“Old Chinese Doctor” and Quality Healthcare

Desert Medicine–Ephedra

July 2012

The Chinese Medicine of Pork Vermicelli

On Health Advice, and Otherwise

June 2012

Our [The] Energetic Cycle

March 2012

Viva la Résistance to the Anti-Aging Movement

To Manage Stress, Move in Circles

FDA Speaks, but Walnuts Are Still Good for You

February 2012

Talismanic Inspiration

November 2011

Gin and Tonic/Ginseng Tonic

Health Comes Naturally

April 2011

Life Stages

Kombucha — It’s Not a Wedding Dance

January 2011

Kidney Qi and Street Psychology

October 2010

Yin/Yang and the Art of Napping

Keeping Health Real

May 2010

Supplement Your Diet with Fresh Thinking

March 2010

Painful Roots

Be a Fortune Cookie Teller

Reality Does the Body Good

February 2010

Measurable Success (Your Personal Journey)

A Lesson in Patience

January 2010

Magazines and Mom’s Produce Bin

Bypass Your Faults

November 2009

The Power of Posture – Part 2

Symptoms and Overflow

The Power of Posture in 8 Steps

Don’t Hinder Your Personal Growth

Look Where You’re Going (In Life)

The Other Side of Inspiration

On Organic Food, Relationships and Success

Nourishing Those in Need

October 2009

Meditate On This