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Be a Fortune Cookie Teller

It’s 2:00, and my thoughts are on dinner. Tonight: Chinese food – something with garlic… then, of course, my fortune cookie.

I’m a fan of fortune cookies, for I love the tactility of my future.

… the crackle of plastic wrap.

… the crumble of fried starch.

… the phhhht of paper with promising words.

I read.

I put two and two together to rationalize some meaning from a random sentence.

I forget the cookie. I even forget the paper in my hand. It’s the words of wisdom I remember.

Is this really about a fortune cookie?

No. It’s about wisdom and optimism.

Wisdom is insight through self-dialogue. When I’m reading my fortune cookie, essentially I’m talking to myself. I see what I want to see. I extrapolate.

To a degree, my fortune fills in the blank between where I am now and where I want to be. But what truly fills in the blank is my imagination.

If I can’t visualize the fortune I seek, I simply open another cookie. And I’ll keep opening cookies until my vision is complete.

What do I finally say in the end, even if it takes a dozen cookies???

“Obviously, it was meant to be.”

Be a fortune cookie teller. And create your future.

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