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Bypass Your Faults

When I was an engineer, we often ran into problems in the field. Whenever we hit a wall (sometimes literally), we had a term for our next step… We called it a work-around.

A work-around meant that we needed to find a way around our problem. Sometimes the problem was our fault due to poor planning, human error or inexperience. But we had to keep moving toward our goal.

The admirable side of doing a work-around was that we were genuinely committed to our work. But, at times, we were also motivated by the basic human instinct to avoid fault. In such cases we found that the quicker we produced a solution, the smaller our faults seemed.

So, we hustled and worked-around (the clock).

Work-Around Wisdom

Essentially, an engineering project is a goal with a plan. Plan any goal in your life, and the work-around will be essential to your success. It is a useful tool when our faults hinder our progress. This is because the act of producing solutions has the power to belittle our faults.

After all, it is natural to have faults.

It is supernatural to work around them.

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